Welcome to my experiment. I would like to use obsidian portal and email to try to run a World Of Darkness game. The premise is that the players (Ed, Erin, and Matthew) will venture down specific story arcs that pertain to whatever WOD supplement they wish to add to their character (Mage, Vampire, Changling, Promethian, or Warewolf)

I ask that you make a base character that WOD allows (not a lot, if any extra XP) I’m looking to make each player the main character for a short story arc with the other players playing more diminished roles so we can focus more on their style of storytelling.

This will be RP heavy, but we will be rolling some dice so if you’d like for me to roll the dice I can, but sometimes that’s half the fun! so BE HONEST!

It would be preferable if each person chose a different supplement to add to their character (one Mage, one Vampire, one Changling for example).

There will be no real schedule for this game, and we can email each other as well as myself, but I would like to keep the dialogue as open and flowing as possible. I realize that there will be many times that lines will cross and people will post conflicting things so I must reserve the right to choose what I think makes the best story wile still finding a way to incorporate the conflicting aspect.

For your first assignment I would ask that you create a character and email me their back-story privately at Joey@gamerati.com. I will post the back-stories here after I’ve read them and discussed them with you individually.

Demons of the first age

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